Where is Intrepid Firearms, LLC located?

We are located in NW Oregon and provide training throughout Oregon and SW Washington.

What Simulators do we use?


To read more about simulator use in our training CLICK HERE.

What holsters do we like?

Holster are like shoes….You can never have too many and need different ones depending on the situation.


Holsters are very underrated when it comes to safety.  A quality holster is just as important as a quality pistol.  Think of a holster as a mobile storage device that should provide quick, safe and a consistent presentation to your pistol.  It must cover the trigger and be comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.


Simulator Training vs Dry Practice

Shooting is perishable and dry fire practice should be done a regular basis.  All top shooters use dry fire training as an essential part of their regimen.  The problem with dry practice is two fold: 1) It is dry and viewed as boring.  This leads to sloppy practice, which creates training scars known as bad habits.   2) Dry-practice lacks immediate feedback.  Simulators provide the perfect solution by showing the bullet’s point of impact.  This feedback can create “perfect practice” and prevent the development of bad habits.