Joe S, Oregon State Police, Rt., Arizona

On October 19, 2016

Dan invited my wife and I to attend his course on CCW recently. While I had spent 30 plus years in Law Enforcement and my entire life using firearms of various design and caliber, I had never really had as comprehensive and bottom to top analysis and explanation of various types of handguns, their functions, ammunition and the basic how’s and whys of a simple cartridge internal and external parts. Of course I knew basic center fire and rim fire ammo but my wife had never really paid much mind to these things and was fascinated by Dan’s calm, patient explanation of the tiniest detail. On to the sidearms themselves he explained the single action, double action, and the revolver designed to use both single and double action in a manner that enabled her to understand without question how and why they functioned the way they did. On to the semi auto handguns, again he broke down their component parts on the screen with cutaways showing exactly what function each part played. She was then shown how to load the magazine with blanks, insert the magazine and charge the weapon for firing. Then on to unloading and making the weapon safe. Both revolver and auto proper handling techniques of passing weapons back and forth were explained and practiced. Dan has such comprehensive skill in setting up the computerized program in it’s entirety, I would highly recommend his course to anyone regardless of how skillful they may imagine they are. Over the years I have seen many mistakes by experienced shooters that could have ended badly and some that did. I know I committed a few and this course brings those “minor” errors to the forefront. If ultimately my wife decides to carry she will have a much better understanding, and even if she doesn’t, she may someday be able to assist, God forbid, if needed. There is nothing to fear about handling handguns as long as you follow the simple procedures outlined by Dan’s program. I am not overstating when I say it is the most comprehensive safety program I have ever heard of delivered in a manner that is easy on the mind. Thanks Dan.

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